If you are looking for a friendly, motivated, and self-directed individual, I am a great addition to your team. I have the creativity that is necessary to generate ideas, as well as the flexibility to collaborate with others. I am technologically savvy and willing to learn anything I don't yet know.

I currently live in Minneapolis as a journalism student at the University of Minnesota, but grew up in the small town of Tomahawk, WI. The combination of rural and city experiences makes me a well rounded and balanced person. I also spent time abroad traveling to 11 countries with the Semester at Sea program. This further expanded my cultural knowledge and perspectives, undoubtedly making me a better writer.

As an amateur chef and baker, my knowledge makes me ideal for any assignments related to recipes, restaurants, and the food industry. I make working out and nutrition a priority and enjoy writing about ways to lead a healthy lifestyle. Other hobbies include travel, reading, photography and scrapbooking.    



I am a lifelong subscriber to various magazines. I enjoy their entertainment and informative value, as well as the narrative style of writing and  in-depth nature of articles. I am interested in editorial internships and jobs in the magazine industry. I am also extremely open to opportunities within the public relations, advertising, and interactive copywriting industries.

Browse the pages for samples of my work, and feel free to connect with me through LinkedIn